Payment methods

We offer the following payment methods:

Cash Advance

Payment service provided by Mollie B. V.

Credit cards

You have the option to pay with VISA and MasterCard. For credit-card payments you will need your card number, expiry date, and, if applicable, the printed name and card verification number. The check digit is a safety function specially used by credit card companies to make sure that the credit card is really physically on hand when you place the order. For VISA and MasterCard, you can find the 3-digit security code printed on the back of your card.


With PayPal you can easily, safely and quickly pay for your purchases. Pay with just 2 clicks, without input from bank or credit card information (your PayPal account must be set up initially).

After submitting your order selecting the payment terms "PayPal" you will be automatically redirected to the secure payment form from PayPal. Please login if you already have a PayPal account. Otherwise, click "Create Account" and follow the instructions. After the final confirmation of your PayPal payment the amount will be credited immediately.

For more information on the safety of PayPal please visit

Sofort Banking

Sofort Banking is an online payment system based on securely proven online-banking with PIN-/TAN-Entry for fast and secure processing of your online purchases.There are no additional fees.

What is Sofort Banking?

SOFORT Banking is a free direct payment method with which you can make bank transfers in real time. When ordering with participating partner shops, simply log in with your online banking details and confirm the process with a TAN (transaction authentication number).

For more information please visit - here -.

Klarna Buy now, Pay later

For orders paid per invoice you are going to receive the shipment with the goods first and then you will have 14 days to settle the payment to Klarna. When goods are dispatched you will receive an invoice per Email from Bayerische Glaswerke GmbH (Nachtmann/Spiegelau Webshop). However, you will obtain the all the payment information and instructions separately by Email from Klarna. Please pay the invoice only to the bank details given to you by Klarna and NOT to Bayerische Glaswerke GmbH. 

Please be aware that payment “per invoice with Klarna” is only available for consumers in Germany and Austria who are at least 18 years old. Further, this payment method is not available if the person at the delivery address is not identical with the person at the billing address.

Please find the complete Terms for this payment method here for Germany and here for Austria.

If you have further questions, the customer service of Klarna gives advice in Germany on and in Austria on